Available boy from litter I

Our outstanding black tri boy with great show potential is still looking for his new home.

He has a perfect, compact body and a great movement and the sweetest character.

 Incognito Agent Saphija

 born on 01.05.2023

 FCI reg.

red factor

 mother: Patricia Stastny Koutek

 DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, OCD neg., SA neg., PL 0/0, CEA R/R, PRA-prcd N/N, HSF4 +/+, MDR1 +/+, DM +/+, HUU +/+, NCL +/+, scissor bite, full dentation

 father: Full of Fantasy Saphija 

DKK 0/0,DLK 0/0,SA neg., OCD neg. LTV 0, CEA R/R, PRA-prcd N/N, HSF4 +/+, MDR1 +/+,DM +/+, NCL6 +/+, CMR1 +/+, scissor bite, full dentation, red factored