What are we doing?

Dogs - we have been breeding aussies since 2012. These beautiful and smart dogs are part of our lives on farm.

Sheep - we have the Texel, Suffolk and also Dorper breed of sheep. We are raising sheep for meat as well as for breeding.

Bio Farm - we are doing organic farming and trying to be in harmony with the nature on our pastures and meadows.

Water - we are building and maintaining our pools and ponds which have a retention function. These ponds are regulating the water regime in the area besides being the home of water fauna and flora.

About us

In our family, we have always cared for animals, especially for dogs. We live in a beautiful hilly region on the border with Germany, in an idyllic valley with a few ponds. The place, larded by a creek and bound with forests, is very beautiful to live in, both for people and animals.

For many years we have been running an ecological farm on the area of 50 acres of grazing meadows. We breed sheep and very recently we have imported the Dorper breed from Switzerland, which is our pride. We also have two mares of the Hafling breed, a real adorrnment of our grazing meadows. They share the space freely with the sheep. Dogs form an important part of our life; they are our companions, guardians and necessary helpers with daily chores on the farm.

For many years we had been breeding herding breeds - Bernese mountain dog and Sarplaninac (Serbian shepherd). Although the Sarplaninac are very independent and uncompromising herd and home guardians, they are not ideal for working with animals. That is why, after having lost our female dog Aleta, we began to consider getting a new dog of another breed, which would simplify our farm work. 

However, we had big demands: we were looking for a Shepherd devoted to its owner and its family, easy and keen on learning, a real friend for our daughter and last, but not least, a beautiful and an attractive dog.

After having searched through internet and after a thorough consideration, we decided we would go for the Australian Shepherd. I must admit that the arrival of Appleton meant an important change in our lives. The cute puppy turned into a lively adolescent testing our patience on many occasions. Finally he turned into a beautiful and self-confident dog. He will always be the first “Aussie” in our life and the beginning of our Aussie obsession.

Thanks to Appleton we have got to know other Australian Shepherd breeders and their dogs, we have participated in shows and lectures about Shepherds grazing both in the Czech Republic and abroad. After a short time we knew that there would be more Aussies in our family.